The Glover collection includes clothing worn by multiple generations, starting with a wedding shoe from 1790 and ending in 1929. Dresses are among the most exquisite pieces of this collection, and they encompass different age groups, including younger and older women. The family resided primarily in Virginia, but there were also branches in Delaware and Georgia. The family cemetery, established by Anthony Glover (b. 1755) is in Buckingham County in southern Virginia, near Richmond (Cemetery Location). Family members buried in the cemetery include Anthony (b. 1755) and other early family members, but as the family scattered, so did their final resting places, including those of the identified wearers in the collection.

The Glover family contains four Rolph Glovers. Labels pinned to many of the pieces indicate the original wearers and often the occasion or the date range during which the dresses were worn. In some instances, there are manufacturing or tailoring labels; other items are clearly homemade. Some of the family members indicated on these labels include:

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